The New Google 30-Day Sandbox


There’s been a load of threads, and posts across the SEO Community about Google’s new (This hasn’t been officially announced,  but most updates aren’t right now) 30 Day Link AND Page Sandbox.

So, What Is The Sandbox?

Over the last few days a lot of SEOs have noticed that a new page or newly built links to a site aren’t having much effect – That is for about 30 days.

This seems to be going after Parasite Pages (as a lot of the pages like Storify and such don’t rank nearly as well) and new churn and burn projects – From my testing, it’s determining the link velocity against the KIND of links you’re acquiring. “Kind” is relative to the authority of the pages, the style of links and (more than likely) how many people have them in their Disavow files… Which is something I certainly believe Google are using as a factor to question a links validity as a strong link or not – Maybe a new form of Neg. SEO? Testing Soon.

Most believe this was rolled out after the May 14th Payday Loan update.

So, What Works Now?

In the BHU Thread, a number of members did some live tests. It seems to correlate with what I’ve been looking at.

Low quality, direct spam – With the likes of GSA etc… Doesn’t work.

The main things I’ve learnt from this update are:


So, if you’re building a load of Tier 1 brand new Web 2.0s or Article Directory Links or w/e… They simply don’t pass the juice to work –

I believe that this is targeting Private Blog Networks as well, as most PBNs just build new post links and add new links to the homepage – When it come’s to PBNs, it is mostly the Home/Category/Tag Pages that already have the authority.. That’s why low quality PBNs don’t really work because they have multiple posts a day taking up those pages space, which means when those pages are then re-indexed they slowly get knocked down further and further until they’re completely off the pages that pass juice. High quality, permanent PBNs are a must.. Or, just build your own PBN… That’s probably the best thing you can do.

You now need to target good, quality links that are already on pages that have been indexed/aged for a while – No NEW Pages from your links.


With all the testing I’ve seen and done myself, age domains don’t seem to protect vs the new links.

This means you can no longer buy an aged domain or an aged 301 and spam it and all those NEW (Yup, it’s all about that NEW-ness) Links won’t hold-up vs the 301 or aged domain anymore. Don’t get me wrong, aged domains are still good and I personally prefer them, but they will no longer hold up to the new spam.

So, What Can I Do Now?

Easy… Learn and develop your link building strategy to not encounter NEW links – The only new links you want are going to be for your Tier 2 and so on.

“Delboy2010″ – Who, unfortunately I don’t know… Has already put together a live rank tracker –

rank tracker

Notice the “BL” (aka Backlink) count? He only has 5 links. From what I can see, and I haven’t (yet) been able to confirm with Delboy. Though I have done it on my own study.

If you build a small number of links that are all very high quality, contextual and on AGED pages then the sandbox doesn’t seem to be affected – Wait another month or so after you’ve slowly been building up these really quality links, so the “Sandbox Period” (aka the 30 days of a newly indexed domain/page/links) is over and you can then hit it up with the spam, new links.

I still highly suggest building your own blog network for this kinda project, and only building links from the aged blog network – If you build a brand new network, and link straight away over to the site, you’ll incur the 30 day Sandbox period straight onto the site… Delaying your link building and rankings by another 30 days is something you really don’t want to do.

Make sure the Network/s you’re getting these links from is only building links on aged pages, try to make those pages as HQ as possible – HQ = Strong PR, PA, TF and if you can, make them contextual.

Thanks For Readin


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