The Affiliate Marketers Handbook

1I’ve had a lot of people requesting I cover more posts on Affiliate Marketing – Especially as it’s a big part of how most SEOs/Internet Marketers are making their income every month.

In this new post series, I’ll be going over examples of Affiliate Marketing sites, tips to improve your strategies, case studies and more!

In this first Chapter, I’ll be taking a look at 3 Epic examples of Pure Affiliate Marketing Genius! As well as some bonus tips at the end of the post to improve your campaigns and strategies. We’ll also go into a sneaky preview of the next Chapter in this new series.


I know my blog makes some good affiliate earnings each month and I thought it’d only be fair to share a ton of other peoples examples of pure genius when it comes to running affiliate marketing campaigns, as well as give a quick overview of their tactics and methodology.

1) Hot Girl Dating Signups

This is taken from a very popular thread on the Forum Black Hat World.

This thread on Black Hat World, targets a ridiculously hard niche (dating) with normal methods to target people.

Instead of going the normal rank and bank or email spam methods, “netmoney1″ talks about an awesome way to target College students in the states to signup for a dating site through his affiliate link.

What do all College frat boys love? Girls. Hot Girls.

So, with that knowledge in mind, netmoney1 posted an advertisement on Craigslist looking for some young, attractive females who wanted to earn a bit of money over a weekend by flirting with some guys on their campus. He printed off some flyers with the affiliate link and “profile” of the girls that were handing them out on the bottom.

The Result? A profit of over $5,000!

2) MensWearhouse High School Hijacking

This is taken from Patrick Coombes post on MensWearhouse affiliate Strategy.

This isn’t so much of an affiliate marketers strategy, but for all the budding entrepreneurs out there and business owners, this is a method that targets the perfect time and target audience, to get some serious $s in the bank!

We all know Prom is an ungodly expensive time for most parents to spend a small fortune on their bratty kid.. Some of you may know, I wasn’t allowed to go to prom, that’s a story for another day though!

Essentially, MensWearhouse took the very costly and exciting time of Prom and gave high school students the chance to make a nice bit of money ready for College! They made a prize fund of $25,000 for first place, $15,000 for 2nd place and $10,000 for 3rd place. Each contestant had a link, and the more customers/referrals they got through their link the higher up in the leader board they’d go and those who didn’t get anywhere near the top 3 were able to get a free Tux rental for their prom.

3) Facebook Ads Targeting

This is taken from Lewis Ogden’s Case Study on his Facebook Ads T-Shirt affiliate campaign.

As a lot of you guys (and gals) will know, I’m a big fan of Facebook Ads, I’ve even done a few posts myself on Facebook Advertising and due to it’s incredible targeting ability in conjunction with the relatively low costs of CPC it becomes a platform to create a lot of affiliate income.

Lewis Ogden of Cloud Income takes a look at creating T-Shirts for people born in a specific year in a Jack Daniels style design, he then uses TeeSpring to create a batch of 30 T-Shirts – Which means once people have bought 30+ shirts, he’ll get money and they’ll be printed and sent to the customers. From the 2 designs he put out, he managed to sell close to 100 T-Shirts.

This kind of creativity with the amazing targeting capabilities of Facebook, Lewis managed to bag a profit of over $400 for just a few hours work!

Bonus Affiliate Tips –

1) Check your email via searching for “affiliate” – You may find accounts you made a long time ago, I recently discovered over $1,000!

2) Budget as little as possible – If you can spend as little as possible to get a good return, you’ll learn to budget your affiliate sites well and see what kind of conversion rates you get.

3) Learn White Hat to improve your conversion rate and site design/accessibility and use Black Hat to actually get Traffic to your sites/pages.

A Look At Chapter 2 –

Chapter 2 in the Affiliate Marketers Handbook will be taking a look at churn and burn sites, as well as a case study of how I ranked my own affiliate site using the churn and burn method for under $250! With profit potentials of upto ten times that amount.

Thanks For Reading


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