Sneaky Link Building Tactics

1With the success of my first and second Sneaky Link Building Tactics posts, I thought I’d make it a staple to the blog. I’ll try and release these kind of Sneaky Tips every few months, so if you start a link building campaign, you can easily fire in some actionable tricks into it.

As always, I’d like to thank all of the people who submitted Tips to this post and my previous posts!

Social Shares for Links!

Submitted by Evan Pryce

Ok so I’m sure this isn’t something new to most of you but I have been finding it to be a great way to pick up some tasty editorial links by leveraging your social following.All you will need to make this work is a decent social following, the bigger the better tho. I doubt you will get much traction if you don’t have an active and engaged following running into the 10′s of thousands at a minimum but could work with smaller followings depending on the size and scale of the niche your operating in.I did this for a client with a G+ following of over 800k and it worked like a charm.

Basically all you have to do is build up a list of sites that you think would benefit from exposure to your social following. If your already outreaching to relevant sites you probably already posses a nice list to get you started.

Then all you have to do is shoot a quick message over to the blogger/site owner and tell them that you will share their content on your social profiles if they ‘happen’ to mention or link to you in an upcoming post. I wouldn’t bother pushing for specific anchor text or URL’s but you can do if your that way inclined.

I usually phrase the email something along the lines of:


Subject: Cross Promo Opportunity On Facebook (Or whatever profiles you wanna use) Page with (x amount) Fans

Hi [First Name],

My names [insert your name] and I run/own/work with [your site].

I was checking out your [blog/site] the other day and really [enjoyed/liked/loved][mention something specific to their blog].

I thought you might be interested in a cross promotion between [target site name] and my [social network of choice] which has [x amount] of fans/followers.

I see a nice overlap between our audiences and feel this would help both you and me grow our business’/sites/blogs.

Drop me a message if your interested,
[your name]

You can adapt this email template to your own style.Then once they drop the post with a link, share the post with your following linking back to the article. Simple.You get a nice link and they get exposure to a relevant social following. This will also help boost the post’s social shares which will help reach a wider audience and hopefully gain some second tier links to help power the direct link to your site.

The great thing about this is that it allows you to leverage an existing asset (your social following) to gain free links with no content and no payment. It also looks completely natural and can get you some really sweet links depending on your social authority.

You can also use social sharing as an added incentive with your current outreach campaigns to sweeten the deals you are already making.

A Dollar An Hour, A Link A Minute –

Submitted by Todd Foster

You will need a VA to carry out actions 1 through to 4.

  1. Register to Relevant Forums, I use the Moz toolbar and a quick Google search to find the highest authority sites forums.
  2. Become an active member of the community – Post 2-5 times a day
  3. Pull all the post URLs into a Notepad Doc and run through MozCheck
  4. Locate the Thread pages with the Highest Page Authority.
  5. Make sure your account got a post on the 1st page of posts
  6. Come back to the forum once the threads have died off and insert your links

Nulled Template Injection!

Submitted by Me

Downloading “nulled” website templates is a big industry… Like movies, music and software people don’t want to cough up their hard earned cash. So, if you want to get a load of free links and just happen to of bought a couple Premium Themes… Then it’s easy!

There’s 2 ways you can go about doing this, either go with a footer link (via the Footer.php in most template files) or just grab a nice, juicy Homepage link via the index.php file.

As an example, I own a Theme called Nadia, it’s $40 on ThemeForest and there have been a few requests in forums for it. All I have to do is edit the index.php or footer.php –

index footer php

Insert a link to any site you want to, you can even insert a PHP script which updates the links if you ever need to change them.

Distribution –

This is actually really easy. I’d suggest doing some sort of Parasite SEO campaign with a file sharing site, but other than that there are tons of “Mirror Creators” which will upload your files to multiple different file sharing sites for free. As well as your usual torrenting/theme sharing forums.

Infuriating Outreach

Submitted by Daniel Cuttridge

This tip is a little naughty, plus sneaky and plus downright wrong.

It’s actually a little rough around the edges, and works best for certain types of sites that offer physical services, think B&B’s, Holiday Parks etc.

What you need to do first is create a persona, or use an existing one. Pull up a list on Google of your target niche, and go through the sites one by one, navigate to their contact page and fill out the contact with your persona information.

Inform them that while looking through their website that you found it lacked credibility because it doesn’t seem as complete as ENTER COMPETITOR HERE as they have a link section, something else and something else.

Say that this left you with no choice but to book with X,Y or Z competitor because you wasn’t sure how legitimate their business was if they don’t take their website seriously.

Leave it a week, regardless of response and now on your normal account that you perform outreach from e-mail the site owner again asking if they have a link section, and if possible could they add a link back to your website.

Because they now have a real pain (having lost a potential customer) they’re more likely to give you a link.

Another neat spin on this is to follow the same outline, but mention how they don’t have a blog – then a week later e-mail them from your normal outreach account and say you’re offering some free content writing services for businesses without blogs to do a case-study on how many leads content marketing can get.

They will most likely accept, and then all you have to do is spin some readable content and add links in wherever you like.


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